The Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) supports groundbreaking, innovative cancer research, conducted by outstanding Israeli scientists both in Israel & locally here in Montreal. The excellence of this research is made possible by a unique confluence of circumstances:

  • Israel has the world’s highest concentration of physicians and scientists, drawn from all over the globe. This substantial body of researchers, highly diversified, provides a rich mix of training, experience and perspective.
  • The entire population, comprised of ethnic groups from 102 countries, belongs to a national medical program, making important bio-statistical records available for study and giving scientists an exceptional opportunity to examine variables such as heredity, diet, environment and geographic origin, as possible factors in cancer formation.

The mission of ICRF is to help in the worldwide fight against cancer using the following strategies:

  • Utilize the unique benefits Israel and its scientists have to offer.
  • Identify in the grant review process those ideas that seem most promising.
  • Constantly seek new funding sources to increase the dollar amount and number of grants we can offer promising scientists and researchers.