Live, Laugh & Learn Fund

Amanda Dawn Sculnick, the founder of the Live, Laugh & Learn Fund, has been actively involved with ICRF in various capacities for over ten years. As a teenager, she proudly walked down the runway in the fashion show. Soon after, her passion and devotion to the organization inspired her to get involved in a more hands-on capacity. Over the course of the next decade, she served as a co-chair, producer and later, as a liaison to past executive director Arlene Silver. She was instrumental in insuring the continued success of the fashion show and served as a leader for the younger generation of ICRF volunteers. Amanda always made time to help in any way she could. This included general fundraising and helping out with other events. During these years Amanda developed a strong connection to the cause of ICRF which has remained close to her heart ever since.

In July 2007, Amanda was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer) at the age of 21. Rather than despairing, Amanda used the tools she gained from ICRF and decided to see this as an opportunity to make a difference. In just two years, Amanda’s Live, Laugh & Learn Fund, which she created, raised over $150,000. This money went towards enhancing the chemotherapy rooms at the Notre-Dame Hospital where she was treated, making life a bit easier for those undergoing treatment.

Even while Amanda was being treated, she still managed to help out in the office at ICRF, sometimes straight from the hospital. She made it her mission to speak about her experienced with all those involved in ICRF in order to encourage them and emphasize the importance of this work. Later, while living in Israel, she continued to be involved in the fight against cancer, bringing her expertise to the table at several different events throughout the country.

Amanda is now happily married to the love of her life, Aaron, and is grateful for the gift of life she was given. Upon her return to Montreal in August of 2011, Amanda made a firm decision to focus all her energy and charitable work back on ICRF, where it all began…

Please take a moment to read this moving tribute by Amanda, and we thank you for your continued support of the Live, Laugh & Learn Fund and ICRF.


Dear Friends & loved ones,

This February I will be entering my last year of remission. As I approach that momentous day when I can officially say that I am cancer free, I am reminded that so many others are still fighting this dreadful disease on a daily basis and that there is still so much work to be done if we are to one day overcome it. Nevertheless, I am confident that with the support of people like you, we can and will find a cure.

As the honouree of last year’s Gala, I was able to see first-hand just how important every dollar that is donated to ICRF truly is. By supporting vital research you are literally helping to pave the way to a cure. For this reason, I decided to move Amanda’s Live, Laugh & Learn Fund to ICRF. I hope that you will continue to support my fund in its new home and help me carry out my lifelong mission.

This year we are honouring several families who have lost loved ones to this disease, including my cousin Robert Shadowitz who sadly lost his battle with cancer over a year ago. I am participating in the Gala in his memory and in the memory of the countless others who were not as lucky as I.

I am counting on your support. Please join me in this important work and know that I am only asking for your help because this cause is something that touches everyone. Please help me make the 35th Annual ICRF Gala a success like never before. Make a donation or attend this wonderful evening which will feature honourees Anthony and Alexia Calvillo of the Montreal Alouettes as well as entertainment by the Beach Boys.

Never Forget:

Live; like each day is your last

Laugh; with all your heart and soul even in times of adversity

& Learn; from everything and everyone around you so that our children and their children will live in a healthier world

— Amanda

>> Watch the video to learn more about Amanda’s triumph!